Have you ever thought about how you could travel back in time and change things in your life? I was told stories my whole life of people wishing they could “do it over”. Well, I listened to everyone’s stories and here I am… 20 years old… and in my career.This was by far the best decision of my life and I’m enjoying every bit of it. So you’re probably wondering how I got to where I’m at. Maybe you have absolutely no idea who I am. That’s okay too, you’ll know the name soon. I won an award for being a top team at my brokerage in my first year in real estate, I was named the rising star for the brokerage at 19 years old, I’m a top producing agent, I’m a real estate coach, and currently a co-owner of my own real estate team with my business partner, Jeff, and four agents under us.

How the hell did all of this happen?

Where do I start? High school? I hated high school, absolutely hated it. I was a consistent C and D student. I wasn’t always that way; in fact in elementary school, I was always one of the top students in the class. I unfortunately stopped applying myself when I got to high school. Anyway, as I said, I hated high school. But I found a passion for my business marketing club, DECA. I was in DECA for my sophomore-senior years. The more I learned, the more I loved. I went on to become one of the top students for competing in role-play business scenarios at district and state levels. I always loved going in the Sports & Entertainment section which was always the most competitive. I received a medal at every competition and I also qualified for International Competition every year I was in the club. My senior year I was the Vice-President of the club and I ended my competition with 2nd place at state on my 30-page business plan, along with finishing in the top 20% in the world at Internationals.Fast forward to the end of high school. I didn’t want to go to college. Dad didn’t want to pay for college. I remember my dad and I discussing options a million times. He didn’t want to pay for college unless I was going to be a doctor, lawyer, or an engineer. My dad owns his own business, Windy City Equipment Service, and they fix restaurant equipment and do HVAC repair / maintenance as well. I tried during many school breaks working for his company, but I never found the passion that I was looking for. I loved business, marketing, suit and ties, and most of all contracts. I started real estate school on July 5th, 2016. I went full-time into real estate in August 2016 working for a team at Keller Williams.

Being on the team at Keller Williams was the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me. It took me four-five months there to realize what my vision was in real estate. I wanted more, but I knew I couldn’t learn it overnight. I knew I had to go out and be a sponge and absorb every bit of information I possibly could. After long thought, I decided that I wanted to have a mentor, and my dad had recommended a guy named Jeff Dorsten. Jeff owns a pizza shop across from ASU that my dad had maintained the restaurant equipment for. Jeff and I met up for coffee and Jeff had agreed to mentor me during all my real estate transactions. This brought me to JK Realty, December 20th, 2016. Best. Decision. Ever.

Well, spoiler alert. It turned out a lot better than what anyone would of imagined. During the first year of him mentoring me and me expecting to be a sponge and not make much money, we ended up being the 3rd best team in the brokerage. Not too bad at 19. I felt as if I learned enough about real estate and I’ve set goals for myself and my vision. Yes, I set a goal for my vision. As I accomplish the goals, I cross them off the list. My vision wasn’t “Jeff Dorsten Real Estate”, “Home Search AZ”, “Jeff & Ryan”, “Are you a father-son team?” anymore. We brainstormed and came up with the JR Real Estate Team. Jeff and I are now business partners and we do any and all things real estate.

Now, we’ve expanded to six agents (Jeff and I included) as of July 2018. We are looking for more agents to bring on to our team and grow with us.

What’s next?

Here we are. I’ll be writing about my days, experiences, team, partner, family and anything else in between. Big things are happening with the JR Team, and things will only get bigger.

I’m 20 years old, I’m a digital native, and I’m the future of real estate.

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